Lion Mountains Agrico Ltd has been established on the recognition of the exceptional potential of agriculture in Sierra Leone. With readily available land of the highest quality, and plentiful, consistent rainfall, the natural endowment of the country is very attractive. What is currently lacking is the array of additional factors that must be brought to bear to make a region productive: capital investment, the latest expertise, modern seed types, appropriate equipment, and so on. Bringing all these elements together is what Lion Mountains is setting out to do: our vision is to unleash the true potential of the Sierra Leonean agricultural sector by mobilising international capital, expertise and other inputs, and deploying them on the ground throughout the country. We aim to be a driving force in making Sierra Leone a major player in agricultural exports, and part of the solution to the growing concerns over food security in Africa and worldwide. Lion Mountains will develop mechanised rice production on an initial land portfolio of 14,000ha in Bo District. Agreements are in place with three partner Chiefdoms: Lugbu, Tikonko and Bumpe Ngao. Our approach is firmly commercial and founded on a community partnership model, in which we lease land from local communities, then employ the people to work on the land if they choose to; the community receives a share of the profits, which will be paid into a Community Trust Fund, managed by the local people themselves. Besides the creation of jobs and the investment flow into the local economy, Lion Mountains will also deliver other benefits through the provision of public goods according to the situation in each locality. This is our commitment to the communities in which we operate, and we seek to establish long and mutually beneficial relationships with our local partners. Financing is now under way and operations will commence in Autumn 2014. Lion Mountains Agrico Ltd is a joint venture between Phoenix Africa Development Company and Indo African Agricultural Capital.